All Change
On Tuesday 8th April 2014, RBP 1133 welcomed Sir Knight Tom McBurney Worshipful District Master and Sir Knight Ronnie Black District and County Lecturer to install the new Preceptory officers for the incoming year.

Sir Knight Samuel Courtney BEM was installed as Worshipful Master following 10 yeasrs as Deputy Master, replacing Sir Knight William McCombe who takes up the position as Deputy Lecturer.

Sir Knight Wayne Hawthorne was installed as Deputy Master following 3 years as the Preceptory Registrar.

Sir Knight Warren Montgomery was then installed as Registrar.

RBP 1133 are well represented within the District as Sir Knight William Copeland is the Worshipful Master Elect. Sir Knight Samuel Courtney BEM and Sir Knight Allen Hawthorne are Distrist Registrar Elect and Deputy District Registrar Elect respectively.